Help Center

First, please review the FAQ for answers below as many help requests do not require assistance. If you do not find an answer below, you may submit a help request. Our team normally replies in two business days or less.

Consultations & Invitations

How do I ask E.A. Koetting or another author for help with magick?

You may book a personal consultation or ritual for hire with E.A. Koetting. You may also view our complete catalog of courses and books, or chat with fellow magicians at our community forum.

How do I invite E.A. to be a guest on my show?

You may submit your request at the help desk.

Members Area & Passwords

How do I access my video courses or ebooks?

You received an email confirmation with your account details when you placed your order. You may log into your account to find your digital goods on the Order History page.

Where do I find my password for the members area?

If you cannot find the order confirmation email that contains your password, then you need to request a new one on the new password page.

Shipping & Tracking Numbers

Where do I find my tracking number?

Many items ship within 2 business days with the United States Postal Service. Print-on-demand items ship within 7 days. You will receive an email confirmation with your tracking number when your order has been shipped. You may also log into your account to view your tracking number on the Order History page. If you have not received a tracking number in 7 days, then please submit a help request.

The courier has marked the shipment as completed, but I never received it. What do I do?

Contact your local courier office to confirm if they possess it for you to pick up.

International Customs & Privacy

Will you mark a low value for international customs?

We always mark the parcel at the lowest legal value as allowed by the insurance of our courier.

Will you use discreet packaging?

We always use plain, discreet packaging.

Order Upgrade, Revision Or Cancellation

How do I change or cancel my order?

Refer to our terms & conditions page first to verify if your order qualifies for a cancellation or refund. If it qualifies, you may submit your request at the help desk. If it does not quality, then we cannot accept your request at this time. For your safety, we always suggest that you review the terms and conditions in advance.